My Daily Reminder

The day is mine

Don’t leave it to others

To fashion my enjoyment in their image

Fulfilment never springs from delegation of such things

Be accountable

Blame nobody else for my unhappiness

But also credit nobody else for my happiness

All emotion comes from within

What makes me happy and unhappy

Is buried in my personal makeup

The most others can do is set the stage

Create an occasion

Contribute to an environment, an ambience

For me to do my thing

Find the wellspring of happiness

That lies within me

It is my only source

It is my pride

My creation

My goodness

My being

No one else has custody of these things

They are mine

If I think I have given them away

To my lover

To my spouse

To my teacher, my mentor

To a deity I worship

To a friend even

It is but an illusion

In reality an abrogation of responsibility

To myself

The only person in my life

Over whom I have total control

Do not consign precious things

To those who will use them for their own ends

Or to those who do not exist

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