The world I’ve seen


Some things you have to see Some things you have to join in their environment To get the full impact of their presence Their domination Their magnetism Their dwarfing of everything around them Unattainable from photograph or film If you haven’t breathed in its presence If you are not engulfed by its domination If you…

Road Trip part two

From the Snowy mountains we proceeded to Canberra to pick up a passport, the only obligatory part of the trip. That done, plus a visit to Mount Ainslie for a panoramic view of the nation’s capital, we headed back to Victoria. After a one night stopover in Corowa to visit a few Rutherglen wineries we…

Road Trip part one

On Good Friday we drove off, easterly towards a little bunch of places that occupy Australia’s south eastern tip, many hundreds of kilometres away from Melbourne, but then Australia is a massive country. After roughly five hours we reached Mallacoota, tranquil and lazy despite the activity of hundreds, possibly thousands, of campers. From there we…

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