Singapore 2022

I returned last month from my best-ever Singapore holiday, a big statement because all my Singapore holidays (yearly before Covid) have been good. I have holidayed in Singapore often enough to call it my second home. I don’t feel like a tourist there any more. I hang out, do my own thing. Singapore agrees with me. More so with every trip. On this last one It took me a day to acclimatise. I barely raised a sweat or a puff on long morning walks before the heat and humidity peaked.

My partner and I stayed with a delightful, easy-going friend, her easy-going husband, and their easy-going infant son who greeted us every morning with a grin full of sunshine.

Singapore’s green is luscious and large-leaved, as you’d find only in the tropics. There’s plenty of concrete and glass too. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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