My Worth

The world looks to me

To assess my worth

If I project unworthiness

That’s how the world will regard me

If I hang my head in shame

The world will despise my shame and reject me

If I apologise for my existence

The world will shake its collective head and confine me to the outer

If my skin of confidence is thin

The world will move in to undermine me

If I show the world I can be bullied

The world will bully me

If I am fearful of the world

The world will exploit my fear

If I don’t respect myself

The world will not respect me

If I don’t love myself

The world will not love me

If I don’t believe in myself

The world will not believe me

If I don’t trust myself

The world will treat me with suspicion
I cannot count on the world stepping in

To convince me that I am a better person than I think I am

It starts with me, not the world

If nothing else

Take a punt

Decide you are good

Decide that you have something of great value to give the world

Project it in your engagement with the world

See what happens

See how the world responds

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