Guess the colours

This colour represents uncertainty. It seems unable to make up its mind. It is riding a fence, unwilling to go over completely to the dark side, but at the same time shunning the light. I don’t know why it hangs on to a sliver of dusk to keep open an option it has no intention of taking up. This type of indecision, this wavering at the brink, is unsettling, to say the least. I prefer commitment, even from colour. Indecision creates an atmosphere of unease. There are times I want to make the decision for it, especially when it pushes its indecision so close to the brink it becomes almost indistinguishable from the dark side. Doesn’t it realise that an indecisive colour doesn’t represent anything? Even on cars it is neither here nor there. It is not black, it is not white, and it is far, far away from red and blue and yellow. Men and some women used to wear suits of this colour. I am ashamed to admit to wearing one about twenty years ago. I thought it conferred conformity on me, sucked me back into the crowd. I guess it did, but I should have realised it also stamped me as boring, having nothing to say, a wilfully anonymous member of the human race. I’m glad to note that most of the suits I see today are bolder, richer, more vibrant, make statements. Should this colour be banned as it seems to serve no purpose? Better leave it alone. We cannot prevent nature using it to signal impending nightfall or an approaching storm.

Another colour I don’t like

Why did they have to go and set fire to it? A bright, sunny colour, torched and scorched, transformed into an ugly, unhappy hue. When I encounter it, I am gripped by the urge to splash on a bucketful of brightness and restore its joy. It’s not that I am against burning colours in principle. Applying the flame adds brightness to some; just ask the siennas and umbers. But what sort of perverse mind wilfully adds dullness? It seems the same sort of mind that wants to wipe the smile off the face of a child.

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