A choice of leaders

And now we come to the two leaders

Which, I must point out

Should be only a facet of this campaign

Not the entire show

This is not a presidential race

We have cabinet government

With the rest of the ministry around it

But like it or not

The focus is on Morrison and Albanese

On optics, soundbites, gaffes

Points for glib talking

Never mind the content

Points awarded for skilful dodging of difficult questions

No matter how important they are

In addition

We are seeing feral, unprofessional reporters

Trying to hijack the campaign

Turn it into ‘gotcha’ moments

To present their lords and masters in the right-wing media

With tomorrow’s anti-Albo headline

But this time the public are wise to this blatant bias

Just as the veneer of Morrison’s glib campaign spiel

Cannot hide

The incompetence

The whiff of corruption

The rejection of accountability

The absence of empathy

Of the government he’s led these past three years

The devil you know

Is saying it is better to stick to the devil you know

Really? As opposed to

Embracing the possibilities and potential

Of the new, fresh outlook

This country desperately needs?

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