Vote with your better self

Do Australians really think

That more of the same will address their woes

That a government

That consigns compassion to be dispensed by the marketplace

Whose ethos is rooted in self-interest and climate-change denial

That has to be dragged to intervene in the interests of the people it serves

That will allow religion to dictate the fate of minorities

Whose leader basked on a foreign beach while the country burned

Whose leader played politics with the victims of devastating floods

Is the right mob to govern this country in troubled times

It is much more than the economy

Yeah, the pie needs to grow

But who are the real beneficiaries

And by how much

The market does not apportion largesse according to need

It tends to go the way of greed

We need compassionate governments

To reach out to those in need

To close the gap between the wealthy and the poor

If this country, if the world in fact

Is dominated by the greediest among us

What hope is there for humanity

It is our better selves

That ensure our survival

Is it too much to ask

That you take your better self to the ballot box?

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