What’s wrong with me?

Am I gullible

Because I tend to trust people’s intentions

Am I a sheep or a lemming

Because I don’t subscribe to secret conspiracies

To monitor and control my every move

Am I devoid of passion

Because I don’t scream my opinions

Mixing them with insults and ridicule

When my audience dares to be sceptical

Am I an idiot

Because I dare to be sceptical

About screamed opinions garnished with insults and ridicule

Am I a dreamer in cloud cuckoo land

Because I reject ideologies

That adversely affect my engagement with the world

Am I exploitable

Because my core beliefs

Relate to respecting people

Never judging them by their race, colour, religion or gender

Am I a willing accomplice in a totalitarian conspiracy

Because I comply with rules and laws

That I believe are for the greater good

Am I foolish and easily led

Because I heed the advice and warnings of experts

Am I destined for eternal damnation

Because I don’t worry about going to heaven

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