I am surrounded

By those who excel at their craft

I yearn to be like them

Produce the things of excellence

That they produce

Whatever they might be

Great pieces of music

Great performances of the masters

Exquisite paintings

Stunning literature

I even gaped in awe

At the man who pounded his legs in the gym

Straining and groaning and egging himself on

Through leg presses followed by hack squats followed by lunges

With weights many times heavier than I dare to use

They all inspire me

I want to learn the skills

Become better, fitter, stronger

I want the joy and satisfaction of achievement

But what?

I am never going to be like those I admire

I am only going to be like me

With all the components

Some of them helpful others a hindrance

That make up this silly struggling well-meaning person

I will not experience true fulfilment

Until I stop wanting to be like others

And accept

And work with

And enjoy

And be thankful for

What I have

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