At what point in our lives

Does a human difference

A difference that should be celebrated

Become something to fear

Or treated with suspicion

Or dammed as deviant

Or regarded with disdain

Or classified as sub-human

When does the barrier go up

To shut out a black child from her white friend

When do the curtains come down

To block out the humanity of those

Who cry out for your acceptance

For your compassion

When does bigotry set in

And prevent you from seeing the good in people

Because of spurious, venomous notions

Instilled by nurture and religion and environment

That rob you of your innocence

Block out what is real

And replace it with poisonous perceptions

Not founded in reality

Not based in truth

What is the purpose of education

If not to equip you

To question what was instilled into you

And become completely accountable

For everything you think and say and do

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