The boys’ club

Physical strength, might, power

Symbols of male dominance that tower

Over everything humanity can achieve

If you don’t like it, leave

They say with derision and scorn

Go back to your wishy-washy life, you don’t belong

With the men, go get yourself a pair

If you dare

Or if you prefer

Go wallow in your fear

Bring out your feminine side

Amongst the women, wear it with pride

Be a hero to them, make a name

To us, the men, it is nothing but a badge of shame

A denial of your manhood, your gender

Maybe you are a homosexual bender

Taking it up the rear

While the fillies stand and cheer

At your courage to be yourself, have your say

Stand up to the bullies they tell you, come what may

Well, this is the boys club, bullying is our game

We eat red meat and smoke cigars, we’ll never die of shame

We’ll drink you under the table, at our bravado you’ll recoil in shock

We are proud of our arteries, all hard as rock

We dominate, we tell you what is good for you

We kill and maim to defend what we think is true

Go ahead, challenge us if you dare

You’ll come a cropper, much more than you can bear

Egg on your face mingled with blood, you’ll be sure to wear.

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