Who is racist

It is easy to mock the oppressed

From a place of privilege

Some make it sound like fun

Trivialising Black Lives Matter

When a coloured kid is murdered in a gang skirmish

Some insist that all lives matter

As if it has never been anything but that

As if all lives have equal value

Some point to the looting and rioting of a few

As if that is all that matters

It is also a sinister insinuation

That by their behaviour they bring oppression upon themselves

What these people are all doing from their place of privilege

Is refusing to acknowledge the fundamental issue

Of institutionalised racism

I tell these people

If you do not believe that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate struggle

To eliminate the oppression of African Americans in the USA

To get White Australia to elevate and honour the country’s First Nation

And genuinely address the horrific wrongs perpetrated against it

You are racist and part of the problem

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