An Ugly Racist Face

I’ve just seen a video of a tirade against those of us who are protesting the oppression of black people in the USA. The bearded man in the video looks and sounds like an Indian. Using lots of expletives, he calls us a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites for not protesting the slave markets of Libya, the persecution of homosexuals in the Middle East or the oppression of Uyghurs in China. I expected him to discredit our protests by claiming that black people are not being oppressed in the USA, but he doesn’t. His rant is a tired, old, all-or-nothing argument: that protesting the oppression of one group of people is hypocritical unless you are protesting with equal vehemence the oppression of people everywhere. Incidentally, he seems to know a lot about oppressed people, so is he protesting their oppression? Nope. He’s telling us about them only to back up his accusation that we are hypocrites.

I’d like to ask him where he stands on oppression. If he is against it, why is he not protesting the oppression he knows so much about? Maybe he approves of it. Or he is indifferent to it.

He is a supporter of Donald Trump. Does he think that African Americans are being oppressed in the USA? Funny, in recent times I have come across a few Trump supporters who deny that African Americans are oppressed.

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