My choice

Isn’t it time to stop almost a decade of lip service

Paid to the things that truly matter

And give a go to those with the heartfelt belief and desire

To take this wonderful country forward

To make it a better place for everyone

There’s a simple reason that Australia is a global laughingstock

When it comes to action on climate change

The government collectively is a net climate-change denier

Trickling out with lofty statements

Action that meets the approval of the deniers

That is driven only by political imperatives

What a joke

There is a simple reason that our indigenous people

Continue to languish as second-class citizens

The government is too elitist, too self-centred, too white male dominated

To reach down with its heart and bring up our first nation’s people

To stand side by side with pride, with affection

To admit, by truth telling, the manifold wrongs perpetrated on them

There is also a simple reason that the government was forced to borrow so much

To keep the economy afloat for so long after covid-19 ground the country to a halt

It botched the supply of vaccines

By dragging its heels, backing the wrong horse

If the vaccination program had begun earlier

We’d have opened up again sooner

Simple as that

Why is anyone even contemplating

Giving this government another term

Beats me

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