Expecting another miracle

So now Morrison says he’s going to change

He’s not exactly apologising

Not exactly expressing remorse for

The behaviour

The character

The style

That have brought so much grief

To his campaign for re-election

That he has been prodded and pushed and dragged

And maybe even threatened

To address at the eleventh hour his personal flaws and failings

That he asserts that the style, behaviour and character

Were appropriate for tough times

And now on the threshold of good times they are no longer appropriate

And so we will all see a different, changed, softer style of leadership from him

Speak volumes

They are the justifications and pleas of a bully

Whose head has been forcibly turned to the writing on the wall

He is staring wholesale rejection by an electorate

That’s had enough of his vulgar posturing

His putdowns

His empty emotional intelligence

His incompetence

Which all his shouting and glib market-speak could never hide

His refusal to cashier his mates

Despite their glaring incompetence

Or the stench of impropriety in their dealings

Has added to widespread disenchantment

That’s now entrenched

Set in concrete

His regard for people is

So low

So dismissive

His knowledge of people

So wanting

So distant from reality

That he thinks glib words

Delivered during these last days

Waved like a magic wand

Will change minds en masse

He’s counting on another miracle

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