Road Trip part one

On Good Friday we drove off, easterly towards a little bunch of places that occupy Australia’s south eastern tip, many hundreds of kilometres away from Melbourne, but then Australia is a massive country. After roughly five hours we reached Mallacoota, tranquil and lazy despite the activity of hundreds, possibly thousands, of campers. From there we proceeded via Eden to Merimbula where we stayed three nights and enjoyed the scenic delights of the Sapphire Coast and also a delightful rainforest hidden away in dry scrub. We left the coast for the Snowy mountains, staying in Jindabyne for three nights. We checked out Perisher Valley on a wet misty day and Thredbo on a much sunnier one. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mallacoota on a sleepy tranquil afternoon
Mallacoota shoreline. Hard to believe not a hundred metres inland is a brimming, noisy campsite.
Mallacoota. Love the light hue.
Merimbula sunrise from our patio
Merimbula boardwalk
The boardwalk disappearing into swampy bushland.
Somewhere along the Sapphire Coast
On the walk to Tura Heads
Nearing Tura Heads
On Tura Heads
Tura beach
Oyster farm at Pambula, near Merimbula
Goodenia rainforest, an oasis in a world of dry scrub.
Goodenia rainforest
Goodenia rainforest
Tractor seat plant in a Pambula nursery
Here’s the Nanny Goat at her very own lookout in Cooma
Jindabyne lake, our apartment hidden by trees at the far end
Kayaking anyone. On Lake Jindabyne. A bit choppy
Mr Strzelecki’s commanding presence in Jindabyne
Nearing the Porcupine rocks up from Perisher Valley
Almost invisible Porcupine rocks
The track to the roof of Australia
Kosciusko wilderness
On the roof of Australia, atop Mount Kosciusko
A choice of trails. Next time, Charlotte Pass.
Thredbo in the distance
Leaving the Snowies

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