My constant companion

The voice in my head

Has always been a child’s

Delighting in simple pleasures

Flying off in many directions

Arousing interest in diverse things

I have wondered about it

Deplored it

Even been ashamed of it

Wondered if it was holding me back

From delving into weighty things

Like senior management


From single-minded ambition

From obsessiveness

From high achievement

From enormous wealth

From power over others

Perhaps it was holding me back

And still is

I don’t know

But now I don’t need to know

I am no longer ashamed of

I no longer deplore

The child in me

I have given him

Maybe her

It doesn’t matter

Free rein

I allow myself to accept what I have always wanted

More than everything else

To love and be loved

To nurture and be nurtured

Everything else falls into place

I let the child take me

Because the child knows


The right amount of






To put my life in balance

To achieve equilibrium between my head and my heart

To see the limitless possibilities and potential of goodness

To make me content

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