Don’t call me an Atheist

No, I am not an atheist

Atheism points to what I do not believe in

Sure, I don’t subscribe to omnipotent, omniscient deities

But that does not underpin my life

I have beliefs

I have faith

I believe I have a wider responsibility

To those, who through an accident of birth, languish in poverty

I try to I exercise that responsibility

By tempering my greed

By saving less money

So that I can help one or two or even three people

Who would remain ensnared in poverty

But for some assistance

I believe in equality

Of all genders, races, sexualities

I believe they have no bearing

On intelligence

On intellect

On leadership potential

I believe that the pinnacle of happiness and satisfaction

Is reached by a kind word or deed

That makes someone feel good about themselves

And I have faith

Faith in humanity’s ability to recognise

That altruism is the key

Not only to happiness

But also to survival

Atheism resides in a tiny, insignificant corner of me being

It does not define me

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