The GOP Ugh!

I thought, even amongst Republicans

Donald Trump stood alone

A feral individual

Self-absorbed, self-promoting

Lacking compassion, conscience, morality and decency

But what about the stalwarts of the Republican Party

The self-styled guardians of Christian morality

People like Mike Pence, McConnell, Graham

And so many others

What does it say about their mettle

When their honesty, their decency

are so readily dispensed with

At the behest of a foul, narcissistic lowlife

Who cannot countenance defeat

Who will try anything to cling to power

That has been legitimately taken away from him by the voters

I expected those leaders

Who present the public face of the Republican Party

To be forced by non-negotiable values

Or basic decency if nothing else

To deplore Trump’s behaviour

Or at least refuse to publicly support him

But their complicity reveals

Not only a shameful willing descent

Into dishonesty and fraudulence

At the glimmer of a chance to hold onto power

But also the moral emptiness and breath-taking hypocrisy

Of the Republican Party

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