FFC 1810-1849

A man died two days ago

On October seventeen

Back in eighteen forty-nine

His passing wasn’t unnoticed

Thousands attended his funeral

Among them some notables

He was buried in a cemetery

Of the capital city

Of the country of his adoption

But his heart

Removed during his autopsy

Was lovingly carried eastbound

And buried in the country of his birth

He was thirty-nine years old

What did his short life impart to the world

That endears him to generations

Past, present and future

For as long as humanity exists

He forces himself into a special place

In the hearts of those who let him in

A place where his power to move

Is unstoppable, uncontrollable

He can sometimes be an affliction

Even a torment

But what is intoxicating, addictive

Of even his darkest moments

Is the relentless, devastating beauty

Of his music

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