Daniel Andrews

Exemplary Daniel Andrews

A leader with his heart in the right place

Fearless, tough and compassionate

Making difficult decisions and backing them to the hilt

With the knowledge that his priorities are irrefutable

That he can live with all the rubbish being flung at him

That he can deal with the insults and the invective

If he is successful in the one thing that is truly important

For these times, restoring the health of the people he governs

He towers above the partisan mongrels snapping at his heels

Their nips and bites toothless, pathetic against his stature

It is almost comic to see contemptible right-wingers

Bloated with entitlement and self-importance

And motivated purely by self-interest

Hurl invective, call him Lurch, try to instigate collective action against him

The Murdoch press, champions of the obscenely wealthy

Tries to undermine him, hour after hour, day after day

But he fronts up, answers all their questions

And in maintaining his clear-headed dignity

Shows up their immorality and greed and fraudulence

They are running scared

They cannot manipulate public perceptions

Their mud is not sticking

The people can clearly see

That Daniel Andrews is the type of leader we need

A template for these times

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