A tribute to Footscray
Scorned by inhabitants
Of the other sides of the CBD
Drug-ridden, violent, indigent
Only the odd white face
Submerged in a sea of dark shades
In a derelict, forgotten pocket
Of this fair city
But Footscray, with alacrity
Demonstrates to all who care to look
The heterogeneity of racial, religious and cultural diversity
Combining easily, no, effortlessly
With the homogeneity of shared values, needs and aspirations
Immersed not in drugs but goodwill
Providing rich, varied fulfilment to all
Come along late on a Saturday morning
Be one of a thousand faces
Hailing from all over the planet
Going about their business
Enjoying the sunshine
Rugged up against the cold
Sheltering from the rain
Talking to their kids
Ducking in somewhere for lunch
Quick to smile back
Or greet you in return
Enjoy a kebab
Or bite into a heavenly Viet roll
Or grapple with a gigantic thosai
Or slurp some pho
And please
Return with a changed opinion
Of this marvellous suburb
Glorious Footscray Park

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