My First Post

Why Am I Blogging?

Like most people on this planet I have strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and opinions about a lot of things. There are some things I am passionate about, things that I either passionately love or passionately hate. Only people close to me know something about what truly moves me.

I write about a lot of things, mostly in a journal that no one else has read. I asked myself a few days ago why I don’t share with others what I write in my journal. So, I have decided to do just that.

I hope I am able to reveal a lot about myself in the posts that follow. I will try not to be timid, try not to airbrush what I have to say to avoid being controversial or being seen to wear my heart on my sleeve or being seen to be vulnerable, pathetic, arrogant or self-serving.

Now, I need to decide where to start. I know, let me tell you a tiny bit about myself.


My birth certificate will reveal that I am not young. If you don’t have access to my birth certificate you might never have proof of my age, but maybe you will be able to tell from my posts how old I am. That I’m a man will become evident, but I’m telling you anyway. I work in the computing profession, but this blog is definitely not about my work. Even though I enjoy my work I don’t think you will get to know me from the work I do. So I will try to steer clear of it.

I think that will do for starters. I’ll trickle out lots of things about myself in my posts.


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